How To: Halloween Oreo Cheesecake Treats

You’ve probably seen a variation of this treat somewhere online and drooled a little (there’s no shame). Well this is your final wake up call: you have to try these!

Oreo cheesecake balls are honestly the easiest and most delicious little desserts around. There’s no baking involved and at their simplest, they only require two ingredients: Oreos and cream cheese. Kudos to whoever the original genius was who put together this killer combo – humanity owes you one.

Everyone’s got their own way of decorating these, which is what makes them so fun to make! Since Halloween is creeping up on us, I decided to go with a chocolate dip, some halloween sprinkles and candy eyeballs.



1 package of Oreos
1 package of cream cheese
1/4 bag of chocolate chips
Tiny bit of milk
Halloween sprinkles by Wilton
Candy eyeballs by Wilton

DIRECTIONS (scroll down for pics!)

Step 1: In a large bowl, mash up the Oreos into powder form.

Step 2: Mix the cream cheese into the Oreo crumbs.

Step 3: Using your hands, roll the mixture into little balls of whatever size you like. Place them on a tray or plate and stick them in the freezer for about 15 minutes.

Step 4. Melt the chocolate chips into liquid form, adding a small amount of milk to get the right consistency for dipping.

Step 5: Dunk your Oreo cheesecake balls into the chocolate and then dip them into your candy and sprinkles. Place them back in the fridge to set for about 1/2 an hour.

And that’s it! Take a bite out of one of these (or ten of them) and tell me life isn’t beautiful.








Happy eating!

xxo, Elizabeth


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