Why You Need To Visit Angrignon Park

When I travel, my favourite part of visiting other cities is discovering the local parks. A quiet refuge from the hectic city, these parks always have a special feel to them. Sometimes when we’re caught up in the busyness of everyday life, we forget to spend time exploring the green space near our own homes. Lately, we’ve been having unseasonably warm weather in Montreal and I’ve taken the opportunity to visit some of the beautiful parks this city has to offer.


In a quiet southwestern borough of Montreal, you’ll find the hidden oasis of Angrignon Park. Located in Lasalle, the park is easily accessed by the city’s metro system – the last stop on the west end of the Green line. With 10 km of walking trails, this spot is perfect for an evening stroll or morning run.



Of course, there’s also a bike path for those keen to cycle their way around the leaves instead. With tons of picnic tables and so many trees to catch shade under, the park is a popular spot for family picnics. There’s even a jungle gym for the little kid in all of us!



What’s a park without water? Angrignon Park has a large pond that beautifully reflects the brilliant fall trees.



The squirrels that roam around the park are unusually friendly!



And that concludes my thoughts on Montreal’s Angrignon Park. Visit in mid-October and the trees will be at their peak of colour!

xxo, Elizabeth




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